Lexington Plumbing



When hot water is critical to your business or location, Lexington Plumbing’s unique Hot Shot mobile hot water unit can keep you operations running smoothly and save money in terms of lost revenue and productivity. Perfect for emergency situations in critical applications, the Hot Shot portable domestic water heater delivers temporary service while the skilled technicians at Lexington Plumbing work to restore your service.

Save money in terms of lost revenue and productivity. Lexington Plumbing's Hot Shot will:

    • Provide up to 1,000 gallons of usable domestic hot water per hour
    • Connect to existing facility services up to 50 feet away
    • Use food grade supply hoses that are ideal for restaurant, retail, and institutional use
    • Be used during repairs or while troubleshooting an inactive domestic hot water system
    • Provide the ideal temporary solution for: Hospitals and Medical Facilities, Schools and Daycares, Food service and Hospitality locations