Lexington Plumbing

Emergency Excavation

Lexington Plumbing has the skills and tools for emergency excavation and trenching with the experience to do it right and safely the first time. Large or small, the skilled technicians at Lexington Plumbing have the knowledge to help you navigate your project. See below for our current home capabilities.


  • Emergency excavations of sewer line and Domestic/Fire main breaks
  • Developed company structure in order to respond immediately to emergency excavations (have locates called, crew on site, and excavating within 2 hours)
  • Ability to provide the manpower to excavate safely through extended hours if needed
  • Crews trained on safety to provide a safe jobsite throughout excavation for customer and tenants
  • Shoring and trench safety utilized to provide safe working conditions
  • Crews are trained for customer accommodations to provide safe access and schedule around shut down times
  • Location equipment to pinpoint leaks on water main lines to minimize excavations
  • Turn key operations with compacted backfill and patch back of concrete and asphalt done in house to shorten project life span
  • Crews fluent in all codes and permitting to prevent delays in project