Lexington Plumbing


Our new Construction and Renovation services provide technical assistance to aid and assist building owners, designers, and architects in proper, value driven plumbing practices and design.

New Construction

Lexington Plumbing offers design strategies and constructability reviews, preconstruction consultations, payback analysis on new equipment and water/energy consuming devices, and schedule development on all of our design projects.

Our goal is to provide the customer with plumbing systems, equipment and fixtures that not only serve the purpose at hand, but also take into consideration the total cost of owner ship throughout the lifecycle of the product.

We offer value to projects through our detail oriented estimating, hands on management, and experienced field work force.

We are successful in performing value analysis and value engineering to fit our customer's budgets. Through Preliminary Budget Estimates, Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) Proposals, Time and Material Projects, and Lump Sum Bids, we can offer the customer a wide array of pricing options that is tailored to their specific projects.

Vacuum Pump Replacement


With more than 65 years of experience, Lexington Plumbing can design and build plumbing systems specifically tailored to the customers needs. Partnering with owners and architects from early design and development stages of a project allows us to make recommendations that will improve overall efficiency, operation, and total cost of a plumbing system.
New Construction

Advantages of Lexington Plumbing’s Design/Build Services are:

Clear Communications
Our skilled professionals work directly with the client to assure that nothing is lost in the communication between multiple parties. This increased efficiency provides for a clear understanding of expectations and project timelines.

Streamlined Process
Less Time=More Savings. The certified professionals at Lexington Plumbing can provide the single point of contact for a developer or building owner for all of their plumbing needs. This reduces the time needed to review multiple solicitations and provides time to focus on other areas of the preconstruction and planning phase.

Lexington Plumbing's commitment to excellence in everything that we do assures that our design documents are provided timely and accurately, based on the client's needs.

Cost Savings
Various methods and materials are evaluated efficiently and accurately to maintain all aspects of cost. Due to the fact that the design and construction costs are estimated at the same time, an accurate estimate can be provided for the complete project.